Tuesday, December 2, 2008

gingerbread house. the first attempt.

got this gingerbread house kit from trader joe's. was cheap, only like 7 bucks. came with little candy people and everything. even though the icing called for egg whites, i figured i could use the Pillsbury icing we usually use. and i did. we used the Pillsbury cream cheese icing (yes, this is dairy-free) to glue the house together. i wasn't sure if it would work since it wasn't that sticky, but the cookies & candy on the slanted roof even stuck, no prob. we used Betty Crocker's canned frosting to add pink trimming on the house. it was beautiful :)

but then... we had a few extra cookies. so i told the girls they could take a nibble. tala was fine, but malaya broke out a little (as you can see on her face). so i scoured the web looking for dairy-free gingerbread kits. came across a few. very expensive though, $24 and up. then came across some posting mentioning that target might have them. so the next day, off to target we go....

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auts said...

ahh! too cute! i love it!