Sunday, March 1, 2009

dear TJ soy nut butter,

so sad to see your shelf time cut short.

since trader joe's abruptly stopped carrying you on their shelves, life is not the same. i wish we had a warning of some sort saying your time was up. i would have traveled to all the trader joe's to buy out the shelves. but instead, this is all we have left of you. an empty plastic memorabilia of our family's all time favorite creamy soynut butter is all we have left... a reminder of what could have been. i cant even bring myself to recycle you. you sit in our fridge, empty.

malaya loved you so much she would help herself to the fridge to eat a glob of you on a spoon. she ate soy nut butter on a slice of toasted bread every morning and then again in a soy nut butter sandwich for lunch at school. she even told her kindergarten class about you on her star-student sharing day. so so very sad to see you go.

after having the TJ customer service desk unsuccessfully call around for any remaining bottles, i headed to whole foods for an alternative. there i found a different brand, 365 organic unsweetened creamy soynut butter, but it doesn't compare. i can still cook kare-kare with it and its fine. but malaya wont eat it plain on a spoon and doesn't finish her sandwiches at school anymore. sucks.

no comparison....
in search for another brand that she'll like.....

until we meet again.


auts said...

but... but.. i was just going to buy it to make kare kare?! how can they do this? excite me then rip it away???????

jamie said...

nu-uh! i hate it when they do stuff like that/ i'll look everytime i go anyways, in hopes of finding that stranded jar.
ps totally didnt know you've been updating THIS Blog! :)