Thursday, January 7, 2010

i.m. healthy soynut butter

since trader joe's discontinued our favorite soynut butter i've been on a hunt for a replacement. we've tried a few jars from whole foods, but they were the kind where the oil settles and you have to stir it before using. no good for my developing carpal tunnel. plus it wasn't as creamy as the tj brand. we even tried switching to sunflower seed butter which is more available in stores than soynut. ...after months of searching in specialty & organic stores i found it at a safeway. a safeway in a more 'upper-class' area. so simple. so pleased. so now i hoard the thing. in fear they might discontinue it, i buy every single bottle on the shelf. today, there were only 3 bottles left.

aya's lunch almost everyday is soynut butter & grape jelly sandwich. she also likes it on toasted bread with banana and honey.

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