Thursday, January 21, 2010

spam musubi

the glory of spam. dare i label this post under meat? one of the girls' favorite foods. perfect for a long day away from home and you don't want to keep buying the kids food throughout the day. especially on long days at practice and there's no time to go out and get food. wrap these babies up individually and the girls cab help themselves whenever they're hungry. no supervision required. lovely.

i'm including a sauce variation below. if i'm serving this at a party for the kids, i'll add the sauce for presentation. otherwise, spam is salty enough without soy sauce.

  • spam
  • rice
  • roasted seaweed sheets
  • soy sauce & sugar (optional)

cook rice. slice spam about 1/4 inch thick. fry spam. let rice and spam cool. use a masubi mold if you have one, otherwise, lay down the rice, then spam, then wrap. cut in half.

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