Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oroweat whole wheat bread

as of today, here's another sliced bread i found with no dairy ingredients. "whole grain 100% whole wheat", not to be confused with oroweat's other breads. for a 100% wheat, its really soft and sliced super thin. they might add the milk next week so i always re-check the ingredients before i buy again.


Food Allergy Family said...

They did add nonfat milk and whey. I just happened to check the label after being reminded by FAAN not to rely on "safe-food" lists. My son is anaphylactic to dairy. I was very disappointed. We loved this bread. Their Dutch Country 100% Whole Wheat is dairy-free (or was when I bought it) but isn't nearly as good.

mama mi'an said...

Boo :( Thanks for letting me know!