Friday, March 5, 2010

holy. did i just spend $8.50 on one chocolate bunny? aren't these like 2 for 99 cents at walgreens?

it all started when i found a bag of dairy-free & nut-free chocolate chip cookies at whole foods the other day. they were made by divvies. my girls devoured them! so i checked out their website,, to see what other delectable goodies they might have. 15 minutes later i had a loaded cart of over $100 worth of dairy-free and nut-free chocolate bars, cookie variations, caramel popcorn and of course, two chocolate easter bunnies. being the sensible mama that i am, i was able to downsize my purchase to about $30 for a box of chocolate chip cookies and the bunnies. we'll have to try the popcorn and candy bar next time. baby steps for now.

but how could i resist when my girls have never had the taken-for-granted pleasure of biting into bunny ears on easter. they're being delivered all the way from ny. i can't wait to surprise the girls.

what a mama wouldn't do.