Monday, May 17, 2010

chicken kelaguen

our schedule was hectic last mother's day weekend that we didn't do anything special for my mom. so we prepared a belated mother's day dinner on saturday. i was craving chicken kelaguen, so we went with a chamorro fiesta themed dinner.... chicken kelaguen, red rice, pickled cucumber, finadeni and banana donuts for dessert.

its been a while since i've made kelaguen. and since the girls are allergic to coconut, i wasn't sure how it would taste without it, but it turned out just as good! i separated a batch for the kids, no coconut, no chile.

• whole chicken
• large onion
• green onion bunch
• 6 lemons
• salt & pepper
• flour tortilla (optional)

do NOT include for the girls, but yummy for you:
• 4-5 serrano chile 
• fresh or frozen grated coconut


1. wash chicken, split in half at breast. broil for 30 mins on each side or until thoroughly cooked. its ok if the skin burns/blackens... we're taking off the skin anyways.

2. mince the onion, green onions, serrano chile (do NOT add for girls).

3. squeeze the lemon juice into a cup.

4. when chicken is cool, debone, remove skin and mince the meat.

5. mix the chicken, onion, green onion, lemon juice in a large bowl. salt & pepper to taste.

not for the girls, but if you're not allergic to coconut and you like it spicy, add the coconut and minced serrano chile. serve with red rice and finadeni or wrapped in a pan heated flour tortilla. i'll pack a kelaguen tortilla wrap for the girls' lunch tomorrow.

red rice, pickled cucumber and banana donut recipe to come later...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

chocolate raspberry cake

same recipe as the oreo cupcake batter sans the oreos. melt pilsbury chocolate frosting in the microwave for about 20 seconds then pour over the top and let it flow over the edges. wash berries and dry well. pile on top of cake and dust with powered sugar. 

this was the first vegan chocolate cake i made for malaya's 7th birthday. she picked the pet shop decorations herself at target.