Thursday, August 19, 2010

bonelos aga (banana donuts)

i know, these look weird. this pic was from the first batch. i'll need to improve on its shape, smoother and rounder perhaps. 

there was a small bake shop in guam we use to walk to every morning from lolo domy's house. they had these huge banana donuts the size of a baseball. not to mention their empanadas, yummmm. this is my recreation of bonelos aga in a smaller bite size version. i've made it twice now since mothers day, both times a huge hit with my cousins and their kids. at first the girls said they didn't like it, but when we made them in long beach and their cousins, kymora and kainoa, were practically cheering for them, the girls gave it another chance. i think they like it now. what followers! :) delicious served with soy ice cream.

• 3 ripe bananas
• 1 cup flour
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• 2 teaspoon sugar (optional)
• oil for frying
• sugar
• cinnamon

1. heat oil. oil should be at least 2" in depth.
2. smash bananas
3. add flour, baking powder and sugar (optional). the bananas are already sweet.
4. drop a spoonful of batter into the hot oil. they will sink to the bottom, then float up. cook until brown.
5. drain excess oil on papertowel, then roll in a cinnamon-sugar mixture.

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