Friday, August 20, 2010

cinnamon rolls

cinnamon rolls! it's pretty much the same concept as apple tasty pastry with no apples. here's the good part, they opened a new vegan cinnamon roll shop near our house. i was so excited that i could finally take the girls to a bakery where they could pick out anything they wanted (without nuts). spent $10 bucks on 2 cinnamon rolls and the girls didn't even like them! they said they like these better.

*you'll need a banana bread pan, approx 5" x 9"


1. heat oven to 375 degrees.
2. lightly spray the bottom of the pan with a non-stick baking spray.
3. melt earth balance buttery spread in microwave.
4. layout triangle flat. spread butter, sprinkle cinnamon & suger, roll loosely and place in pan.
5. once you have all 8 rolls in the pan, drizzle the tops with more butter, cinnamon, sugar.
6. bake for about 30 mins.
7. remove cinnamon buns by scraping the edges of the pan before flipping it over.

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